Mediva burst on to the early music scene in 1998 with an hit concert at the Royal Academy of Music, and their concerts have been sell-out events ever since. Made up of an eclectic mix of ten musicians, this group makes medieval music sound startlingly modern through fresh arrangements, high-level sound design, and world-class performances by singers and multi-instrumentalists from throughout Europe.

Mediva brings passion and life to music of previous times and goes beyond authenticity, experimenting with jazz, improvisation, theatre and dance. Innovation and diversity are Mediva's key characteristics powered by the creative vision of Ann Allen bringing together some of the leading medieval musicians in their field.

Mediva have released two CDs, Viva Mediva and Gabriel's Message. They have performed at many of the major UK and European Festivals including; Spitalfield Festival, Buxton Festival, Brighton Early Music Festival and York Early Music Festival.